The Meridian 223 Board of Education members are:
John Smith, BOE President, Kristine Youman, BOE Vice President, Jill Huber, BOE Secretary, Tim DeVries, BOE Secretary, Dr. Tim Flynn, Matt Rhodes, and Marsha Welden.

Meridian CUSD 223 is joining communities throughout the state to say “thank you” to local school board members on November 15, 2019. The date is officially designated each year as School Board Members Day in Illinois to honor these public servants for their contributions to our public schools.
“I cannot adequately explain how fortunate I believe our community is as a result of whom they have elected to the Meridian CUSD 223 school board.” said Meridian Superintendent, Dr. PJ Caposey. “Our Board of Education have vision, passion, and empathy. They make me better at my job and support me in trying to continue to move our already great school district further ahead.”
As community trustees for the schools, school board members have oversight in District 223 for an annual budget of over $ 17 million; 1600 students in grades Pre-K through 12; and more than 200 employees.
Board members give up their personal time and their family time because they understand the importance of local governance in our educational system. They are charged with making tough choices that impact not only staff and students, but the entire community. Meridian 223’s Board takes this obligation seriously and also gives back in many other ways. Meridian 223’s Board of Education has been recognized with numerous individual awards for their service and they have been awarded the Governance Award by IASB (highest award in the state for school board governance) in four consecutive years for their continued commitment to doing the right work on behalf of our students.
The Meridian 223 Board of Education members are:
John Smith, BOE President, First elected: 2011
Kristine Youman, BOE Vice President, First elected: 2013
Jill Huber, BOE Secretary, First elected: 2015
Tim DeVries, BOE Secretary, First elected: 2013
Dr. Tim Flynn, First elected: 2011
Matt Rhodes, First elected: 2017
Marsha Welden, First elected: 2013

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