By Chris Johnson


At a recent Byron City Council meeting, Mayor John Rickard reported that improvements on a main highway would be underway, shortly after the entire process was announced and bids for services were provided for full approval of the Aldermen.

The city’s top executive said work on the city’s primary artery will begin in just months.

“IDOT has informed us that the Route 72 bridge has repairs scheduled for this summer. Work should begin sometime in July and would involve patching the bridge and replacing the expansion joints.”

Rickard said that the process requires bids be sought. The project is “let out’ for prospective purveyors. “it is out for the March letting”, he reported.

City Engineer Jason Stoll submitted his report to city officials on internal infrastructure improvements. The Road Works plan was still in the works he explained.

Stoll stated that the plan in place on the 2020 Street Projects was still being developed. Additional consultations were to be scheduled.

Public Works Director Aaron Vincer had previously reported to members of the Byron City Council that an elevated level of tetrachloroethylene was discovered in well three.

He explained that it played a role in causing wells one and two to suffer shut down years ago.

Since then, Vincer expressed, the Environmental Protection Agency had sent a representative to test the water again.

“We were well below the original result. The water and sewer department will continue to test the water monthly.”

Vincer further reported that a new piece of equipment to help clean things up in the city was still being sought. The cost for the maintenance unit would be in a range between $170,000 to $200,000.

“The Public Works Department has been testing options for street sweepers. We feel one of the $170,000 models would fit our needs.”

In further action, budgets for various departmental distribution designs were brought to the attention of Council Members.

Public Safety representative Christy Hanlin explained to her fellow Aldermen that some work still had to be done figuring out how things would be spent.

“The Public Safety Committee met prior to Council. They discussed items in the Police Department Budget.”

It was explained that several items may still be covered in this budget year. Those details will be made available at upcoming sessions of the leadership council.

The Byron City Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.





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