North Park Fire Dept. along with other local fire departments, escorted the RVC NCJAA National Championship Bowling Team from Riverside to RVC campus On Saturday, March 7. They were coming back from Buffalo, NY.

By Margaret Downing


At the March 9 city council meeting, the Harlem Girls Bowling team was honored and given recognition by the council for finishing second at the Illinois High School Association’s (IHSA) tournament in February.

A resolution giving the okay for the fire department to purchase a Stryker MTS Power Load System at a cost of $22,755 with an installation charge of $1,500 “using a third party installer to install the loading system” in the new ambulance for Station No. 1 on Grand Ave. was approved. Total cost for the system and installation comes to $24,255.

The street department manager was approved to purchase a 2020 Explorer 4-Door vehicle for $29,352, and a 2020, 200 F-Series truck for $31,305 from Rock River Ford.

A resolution was passed for N-Track, 1523 Windsor Road in Loves Park, lowest responsible bidder for reconstruction of River Lane, and “Annual Residential Road Resurfacing,” as recommended by Arc Design Resources, Consulting Engineers, at a cost not to exceed $167,230.23.

Per the monthly building report for February, the city issued 40 building permits and collected $3,719 in fees. The Village of Machesney Park collected $2,932.63 for the month.

A total of 419 calls for service between February 23 and 29 were taken by the Loves Park Police Department, 154 arrests were made, and eight accidents responded to by officers.

During the previous week, the water department repaired water main breaks in the 600 block of Theodore St. and in the 6300 block of Park Ridge Road among other tasks.

The street department placed no parking signs on Jackies Dr., repaired and replaced various street signs, filled potholes, and other duties.

An ordinance amendment concerning public participation for addressing aldermen at city council meetings, first reading, passed.

An ordinance amendment, first reading, was approved regarding Planned Developments in the 102-336 N. Second St. Overlay District for auto sales and service passed, as did a special use permit for 5400 N. Second St. and for auto sales and a service station at 5312 N. Second St.

There were several ordinances, second reading, approved, including three having to do with regulation of cannabis possession in the city, one regulating use of drug paraphernalia, and the other regulating the use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and tobacco accessories within the City of Loves Park.

Per the the first ordinance, “Cannabis means marijuana, hashish, and other substances that are identified as including any parts of the plant Cannabis sativa and including derivatives or subspecies, such as indica, of all strains of cannabis, whether growing or not; the seeds therof, the resin extracted from any part of the plant, and any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plan, its seeds, or resin, and so on…”

In addition, an ordinance creating “an additional section” in the Code of Ordinances “adopting provisions of the Child Passenger Protection Act” was passed. This is in reference to child restraint devices to be used in vehicles when driving. It does not include motorcycles. A child restraint system “means any device which meets the standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation designed to restrain, seat of position, children,” including a booster seat.



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