The Ogle County 4-H Penny Carnival featured 12 clubs bringing construction-related games in keeping with the Build Your Future with 4-H theme.

The Ogle County 4-H Federation hosted its annual 4-H Penny Carnival at the Blackhawk Center in Oregon on March 7. Penny Carnival is much like a fun fair, but features games dreamed up and designed by the 4-H clubs in the county. Twelve of the counties 14 clubs participated, dreaming up 13 games, based on the theme “Build Your Future with 4-H” and encouraged the development of a wide range of game types.

Cash prizes were awarded to two clubs for games determined to be “Most Entertaining,” and two clubs for games determined to be “Most Creative.” Congratulations to all the following:

Most Entertaining:

By-Y-Badgers 4-H Club, Byron (Demo Daze)

Byron Emerald Eagles 4-H Club (Kurplunk)

Most Creative:

Leaf River Busy Beavers 4-H Club (Light It Up)

Blackhawk Crossings 4-H Club, Oregon/Mt. Morris (Duck Toss)

Proceeds from the night will be divided equally among participating clubs. Many thanks to the hundreds of Ogle County families who attended!

4-H is an informal youth education program conducted by University of Illinois Extension.   For more information, call Ogle County Extension at 815/732-2191 or visit Ogle County 4-H online at


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