By Chris Johnson


Pecatonica School District will still be making sure seniors get their diplomas. How the actual distribution will occur, is yet to be seen.

This Sunday, May 17, students are expected to be seated next to each other with their parents, families and friends gathered behind them, as they waited for their turn to go up to the podium, to receive their high school diploma.

The work was done. Twelve years of education had been completed and evacuation day was at hand for those students who had put in the effort.

Things changed as COVID-19 began shutting down the normal flow of operations. It impacted the education system greatly, with students told to stay home, across the State of Illinois.

On Tuesday, March 17, an Executive Order issued by Governor JB Pritzker in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, had the side effect of the loss of a graduation ceremony Sunday, May 17, for Pecatonica seniors.

Education had to continue to give seniors and their underclassmen the chance to advance. To accomplish that goal, school districts banked on Google Chromebooks to fill the void.

It got the job done, according to almost everyone approached with their feelings. Now the official school year has come to a close in Pecatonica and in communities statewide.

The distribution of diplomas has been a topic of discussion for school district officials nationwide.

Parents and students in communities want the recognition that comes with completion.

As a result, diplomas have to be handed out. They could be mailed. However, some communities have taken things into their own hands.

Seniors are getting their recognition and a parade to boot. In many communities, High School Diplomas are being issued through a long procession of vehicles.

Students, with their parents, line up their vehicles and take their turn pulling forward towards receiving their completion of action awards.

They are asked to exit the vehicle, take the walk up the stairs and receive a non-hand shake approval nod and word on their way across the stage and towards whatever waits for them next.

Other ideas included lighting up the streets with the home colors of the graduating class.

That would mean a flood of purple and yellow lighting in Pecatonica, which some residents have already expressed their willingness to do.

For additional information on how parents or students can assure grades earned through digital means have been posted, students are asked to message their instructors.

The Pecatonica School District’s website, has additional information available as well as a snapshot of this year’s graduating seniors, sharing a little bit of their lives.



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