Allie McClarty holds up a replica of the $500 scholarship she received from Elev815 members on April 30. The Elev815 volunteers traveled in a caravan through Roscoe, Durand, Rockton and South Beloit to deliver the scholarships and congratulate the winners.

By Jean Seegers


About a dozen members of Elev815 lined their cars up in the parking lot of Stepping Stones Child’s Center in Roscoe on Thursday, April 30. The purpose of the caravan was to hand-deliver ten scholarships to ten graduating Hononegah seniors at their homes.

Scholarship Night has always been a special part of Hononegah’s graduation. It is a culmination of four years of hard work and studying to achieve goals and develop skills.

This year things were different. They would not be allowed to walk across the stage to receive their scholarships, due to the social distancing requirements following the Corona Virus.

Elev815, a local volunteer organization that supports local businesses and youth in area communities, found a way to celebrate the accomplishments of ten graduates. The organization’s members donated ten $500 scholarships to graduates and hand-delivering them to each student at their homes.

Receiving scholarships were: Jacob Link; Faith Gomez; Morgan Seymour; Trevor Diemel; Molly Fraser; Allie McClarty; Rylie Martinetti; Hope Markley, Dominick Welte and Isabelle Insko.

It took the caravan about three hours to follow their route from Roscoe to Durand, then on to Rockton, South Beloit and back to Roscoe.

At each stop, Toni Brown, President of Elev815, stepped out of her car with a bouquet of balloons and the student’s scholarship. Elev815 members honked their horns, cheered and congratulated the graduates.


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