ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Republican
Officers Adam Mears, Michelle Schwartz, and Tim Blankenship hand out gift cards at Taqueria El Molcahete at 409 S. State St.

By Anne Eickstadt


On Monday, June 8, Belvidere Police Officers began visiting various dining locations around town and handing out gift cards to anyone who approached them and mentioned seeing their post on Facebook.

“The Belvidere Police Department received a generous donation from the Boone County Community Foundation to help encourage the community to begin using our local restaurants again in Belvidere,” said Officer Tim Blankenship. “Using the donated funds we have purchased gift cards to local restaurants. Officers will be at the local restaurants giving away the gift cards. We will be notifying everyone where we will be via Facebook. Good luck and we hope to see everyone supporting our local restaurants as everything opens back up.”

On Tuesday, they began at 8 a.m. handing out gift cards at Rollin’ Donuts. “They went fast,” Officer Tim said. From there they moved on to Ned’s Restaurant at 9 a.m. and quickly handed out all their gift cards there as well. Next on their tour around town was Taqueria El Molcahete at 10:30 a.m. “That’s a nice thing you are doing,” said one gentleman who received a gift card.

“My wife told me to stop here,” said another man, waving his gift card. “We eat here a lot.”

“We’ll be out the entire week,” said Officer Michelle Schwartz.

“Maybe the weekend and next week, too,” said Officer Tim “Depending.”

Tuesday afternoon found Officer Tim at Dari Ripple, 105 S. State St. handing out gift cards for that iconic venue.

Wednesday saw Officer Tim at the Steam Plant Restaurant, 123 Meadow St.; Sips & Sprinkles, 221 W. Locust St.; DiCello’s Pizza, 1925 Union Ave.; and Rosati’s Pizza, 1946 Gateway Center Dr. He continued handing out cards on Thursday and Friday and isn’t finished yet.

“Thank you for doing this,” said a gentleman who had just missed the last gift card for Steamplant. “This is a good thing for the community. And thank you for your service. The BPD is doing a great job.”

“Thank you for your service,” another man told the officers at Quinta Carmina. “The police department does a great job.”


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