The Winnebago Community Historical Society (WCHS) is pleased to report that they have received a Neighborhood Grant of $1,200 from HomeStart and the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CNFIL) for continued improvements to our Winnebago Commons garden area.

We will be improving drainage to the garden area and connecting to Winnebago’s storm sewer system as well as installing additional plantings to enhance the site. This is the second Neighborhood Grant we have received from HomeStart and CFNIL and we are grateful for the continued support.

CFNIL has operated a neighborhood grants program since 1995, distributing more than $725,000 to build better neighborhoods in Rockford & beyond. This is the fifth year that CFNIL and HomeStart are collaborating to expand the opportunity to the four-county region.

The Neighborhood Grants Program funds neighborhood projects, including but not limited to beautification, crime prevention, surveys, clean ups, newsletters, organizing, reforestation, and resident-focused education. HomeStart has helped to administer the funds since 2016 and will continue to support all groups in their projects moving forward.

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