By Christopher Johnson


The types of business fronts expected to grace the extended southern front in the Village of Pecatonica, haven’t been announced yet, but that information could soon be coming.

It was reported at the Tuesday, July 21 meeting of the Pecatonica Village Board, that two businesses had expressed an interest in setting up at the village’s southern border, once the land is developed.

The gathering of elected officials, through personal and digital means, were informed that a plan to enter into business with NuVo Realty Group, LLC, out of Wilmette, was a necessary step and would require an Ordinance and Trustee approval.

Ordinance 2020-32 was drafted and presented to Trustees, who by majority vote, waived the First Reading.

It would be standard practice at the Tuesday night meeting, with many other Ordinances waiting for majority approval.

A fee had to be paid to facilitate further action on the recently acquired property, just south of Pecatonica High School, at 3123 n. Pecatonica Road.

The consultation fee drew the attention of Trustee Paula Hachmeister. She explained that not knowing a lot about what had happened leading up to the vote to pay, was concerning.

“I feel we should have had more Board Meetings before voting to give $30,000. It’s taxpayers’ money. I’ve gone through this with the Village before. Years ago history, Park View was going to be an industrial park.”

Hachmeister explained that for five years the development didn’t achieve the level it should have. A fee of $5,000 was paid annually.

“It was a waste of the Village’s money. I don’t want to go back and do this again. It’s $30,000 of our taxpayers money. How will we recoup this?”

Village President Bill Smull explained that money had to be spent. A call to action on development had to be made, and if things didn’t start moving a little more quickly, opportunities would be missed.

“We need to bring in more revenue. If we don’t be proactive and grab what we have in front of us, we are going to be a ghost town.”

The southern development concept in the Tuesday report featured the potential of space for five-to-seven or more business fronts, when development ends.

Representatives with the Consulting Firm explained they had been in contact, and working with Trustee Marilyn Wilke and the Village President for about the past four months.

The process of development was explained to be lengthy by design.

In related action, easements were sought with Common Wealth Edison to achieve greater access to the areas to be developed.

The step was required to gain the right to access areas that otherwise would not be as freely available, as development plans move forward.

Additional information on current developments and those to be undertaken can be collected through Pecatonica Village Hall.

Check for access rights, requirements or allowances through the village of Pecatonica’s website or through it online social portal through Facebook. Face masks are encouraged as a standard practice at this point.


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