Sunnyside Dispensary, the largest cannabis dispensary in Illinois opened for business, Monday, July 13. The 7,208 square feet building at 7000 First Ranger Dr. in South Beloit, is located 1,000 feet from the Wis-consin border. The facility is owned by Chicago-based Cresco Labs.


By Jean Seegers


Sunnyside is an appropriate name for the brand new, bright white and orange 7,208 square feet cannabis dispensary at 7000 First Ranger Dr, South Beloit.

The building is located 1,000 feet from the Wisconsin border, where the sale of cannabis has not been legalized. It is 5,000 ft from the site of the proposed $405 billion Ho Chunk Casino in Beloit and just a few miles from the proposed Hard Rock Casino in Rockford.

A grand opening was held at Sunnyside Dispensary on Monday, July 13.

Representatives from Chicago-based Cresco Labs, owners of the new dispensary were on hand for the grand opening including South Beloit Mayor, Ted Rehl and State Senator Dave Syverson.

“It’s a gift to South Beloit,” Rehl said. “Sales revenue from the store will be huge.” The business is projected to generate sales tax for the city of South Beloit of approximately $100,000 per year for the first seven years. After seven years, revenue should be about $700,000 per year unless Wisconsin legalizes marijuana.

Zach Marburger, Entrepreneur in Residence Expansions said Sunnyside has 35 full time employees. It is the largest dispensary in Illinois.

Customers must be 21 and over to purchaser recreational marijuana at the South Beloit store.

The dispensary is not licensed to sell medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can be purchased at the Sunnyside store at Perryville and McFarland Road in Rockford.

Recreational marijuana is defined as pot used without medical justification.

Cresco Labs spokesman Jason Erke said there is not much difference between medical and recreational marijuana products.

“A law was passed five years ago stating that the potential medical marijuana user must be diagnosed by a medical doctor and subsequently given a medical card qualifying them to purchase marijuana. “Those with medical cards pay 30 to 40 percent less tax for the product.”

Sunnyside Dispensary is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Marburger said the store boasts state of the art security. Security cameras over-lap throughout the building. Twenty registers make waiting time relatively short. “Right now, we have only on-line ordering because of health restrictions,” Marburger said. Customers can order ahead and pick up their purchase at the store.

The cannabis is stored in a large, secured vault. Security is provided round the clock.

“The product is regulated by the Illinois Department of Health, Marburger said. “Prices range from $20 up to $200. Purchases are limited to 100 mg per container.

Infused lotions, pills, candies and bath salts are also available at the store.



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