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Ty Smith – State Fair Delegate – Visual Arts: Chalk, Carbon, Pigment on Canvas, Paper, or Glass.

The Boone County 4-H youth development program empowers and prepares youth for success by providing opportunities for youth to learn, practice, and demonstrate skills needed for home, career, and citizenship. Youth, organized in clubs, study areas of interest called 4-H projects. Projects include a wide range of interests: animal science, civic engagement, leadership, career development, STEM, environment, creative arts, and healthy living.

While 2020 and COVID-19 has challenged youth in the Boone County 4-H program, the county 4-H staff has continued to encourage 4-H members to complete their 4-H projects and prepare them for exhibit. In a typical year, these 4-H members would demonstrate their knowledge at in-person summer shows. While the show must go on, the show must look different.

This year 4-H members transitioned to a virtual showcase. The Boone County General Project or non-livestock show has been completed. 4-H’ers submitted a slide show or photos of their completed projects as well as a written project report. In the written project report they stated what they learned and explained the process they went through to complete the project. The judges reviewed the projects and reports virtually and assigned each project a ribbon and gave the youth feedback about their projects. In addition, the judges selected projects to receive State Fair or State Fair Alternate recognition. 4-H’ers receiving this special recognition will have the opportunity to represent Boone County at the Illinois State Fair, which will also be held virtually, in August. Eighty-two 4-H members participated in the virtual General Projects Day show and they exhibited a total of 172 projects.

In addition to the General Projects show, Boone County 4-H is offering a virtual 4-H Dog Show in July and a virtual Livestock Show in August. For both of these exhibit events, youth will submit videos of them showing their animals, which will be judged by experts in each division.

Congratulations to the following 4-H’ers for excelling at the General Projects show in their project work this year:


Aerospace: State Fair Delegate Ryan Hughes

Animal Science: State Fair Delegates Mariahn Resendez and Lars Carlson; Alternates Justin Irwin and Tomas Acosta

Civic Engagement: State Fair Delegate Emma Cordray

Clothing & Textiles: State Fair Delegates Samantha Small and Megyn Franseen

Clothing-Shopping In Style: State Fair Delegate Abigail Kolthoff

Communications: State Fair Delegates Brielle Fleming and Evelyn Rudy; Alternate Emma Taylor

Computer Science: State Fair Delegates Roshun Beasley and Nathan Kolthoff

Electricity: State Fair Delegate Reagan Korst

Entomology-Beekeeping: Bradan Diskin and Lars Carlson

Food & Nutrition: State Fair Delegates Julia Rudy, Addison Reyes, Abagail Baumann, Justin Irwin (2), Raichel Schnor, and Cody Hahn; Alternate Daniel Hahn

Forestry: State Fair Delegate Tomas Acosta

Geology: State Fair Delegate Aubrey Carlson

Health: State Fair Delegate Lory Lopez

Floriculture: State Fair Delegate Abagail Baumann

Vegetable Gardening: State Fair Delegate Emma Cordray

Passport to the World: State Fair Delegate Tomas Acosta; Alternates Brooklyn DeWall and Michelle Lopez

Diversity & Cultural Awareness: State Fair Delegate Jocelyn Terrazas

Interior Design: State Fair Delegates Julia Rudy and Kaitlyn Albrecht; Alternates Paige Glander and Parker Morris

Leadership: State Fair Delegates Addison Reyes, Justin Irwin, and Emma Cordray

Natural Resources: State Fair Delegate Bryce DeWall

Photography: State Fair Delegates Genna Ellingson, Morgan Franseen, and Vincent Stark; Alternates Carl Rozanas and Jacob Salzman

Shooting Sports: State Fair Delegate Bradan Diskin

Tractors: State Fair Delegate Noah Debruyne

Veterinary Science: State Fair Delegate Abigail Kolthoff; Alternate Brielle Fleming

Video & Filmmaking: State Fair Delegate Carl Rozanas

Visual Arts: Chalk/Carbon/Pigment on Canvas, Paper, or Glass: State Fair Delegate Ty Smith and Genna Ellingson; Alternate Brooke Glander and Emma Cordray

Visual Arts: Chalk/Carbon/Pigment on Wood, Metal or Textiles: State Fair Delegate Reagan Cottrell

Visual Arts: Clay: State Fair Delegate Ella Ellingson; Alternate Willard Rozanas

Visual Arts: Computer-Generated: State Fair Delegate Ty Smith

Visual Arts: Fiber: State Fair Delegate Olivia Hughes; Alternate Abagail Baumann and Jenna Baumann

Visual Arts: Leather: State Fair Delegate Abagail Baumann; Alternate Willard Rozanas

Visual Arts: Nature: State Fair Delegate Rori Cottrell

Visual Arts: Paper: State Fair Delegate Jenna Baumann; Alternate Konnor Mogenis

Visual Arts: 3-D Design/Mixed Media: State Fair Delegate Rhiannon Cottrell

Visual Arts: Wood: State Fair Delegate Willard Rozanas

Visual Arts: Food Decorating: State Fair Delegate Hannah Beran; Alternate Ella Ellingson

Welding: State Fair Delegate Ryan Hughes

Woodworking: State Fair Delegates Carl Rozanas and Owen Walberg; Alternates Charlie Shipton and Paul Stark

To learn more about the Boone County 4-H Program please contact the Extension Office at 815-544-3710 or visit our website at http://web.extension.illinois.edu/bdo/.



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