ANNE EICKSTADT PHOTO Belvidere Republican
The dairy boxes were kept under canopies and tarps to keep the sun off were placed at need on the stacks. B1 Food Pantry volunteers and BPD officers moved quickly to deliver the boxes to the vehicles and keep them cool.

By Anne Eickstadt

The truck from Prairie Farms arrived at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29. It delivered 900 boxes of dairy products fresh from Prairie Farms for the B1 Food Pantry, at the B1 Church, 1105 7th Ave. Each box contained two gallons of 2 percent milk, four 14-ounce containers of flavored milk (strawberry and chocolate), one pound of French Dip, one pound of sour cream, eight ounces of cream cheese, and 24 ounces of cottage cheese.

The B1 Food Pantry added a box of Shredded Chicken Mini Burritos, one per vehicle, to everyone who drove through. Some people asked only for one or two boxes of dairy products, others requested six or seven boxes for other households as well, saying, “I’ll drop them off on my way home.”

While the B1 Food Pantry has restrictions to primarily provide food to residents of Boone County, the dairy delivery had no restrictions. “Open to everyone – any county.” They posted on their Facebook page. “No I.D. or registration needed. Drive thru. We load your car. We will be here until it is gone.”

The B1 Food Pantry partnered with Convoy of Hope and Prairie Farms to provide this special delivery of dairy products to all comers without restrictions. The expiration date on the products is August 18, so you know it was straight from the plant and good for another three weeks. The Belvidere Police Dept. assisted in loading the boxes into vehicles and keeping the vehicles moving smoothly through the line.

“We were pleased to see it went well and will try to do it again in the future,” says the B1 post. “Thank you to the Belvidere Police Department for their help – Deputy Chief Wallace and Officer Blankenship.

You can keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what they have in store for future deliveries.

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