The hungry, alphabet caterpillar holds rainbow curves within which children can practice recognizing and pronouncing their letters and identifying colors.

By Anne Eickstadt

Parker Center staff with the support of the principal, Erin Anderson, assistant principal, Dawn Monge, and Pam Thompson from the United Way of Rock River Valley have been busy during the hot month of August.

“We worked with United Way to update our Born Learning Trail. The Born Learning Trail is meant for families, parents, and caregivers to give them ways to interact with their child(ren),” said Monge. “Parker Center is an early childhood center and the staff volunteered to help. Children can play hopscotch, practice their alphabet on a caterpillar, and count the spots on a ladybug. The staff got very creative and added even more to the Trail, sprucing it up and brightening it up.

“We added a portion of sidewalk to reach the playground. The playground was just off the sidewalk before, which made it difficult for anyone with mobility issues to reach. This unique section of the Trail honors a Parker Center staff member, Lynne Weaver, who passed away last year. She worked with kids with disabilities. Some of her favorite things were rainbows and the hungry caterpillars so it is decorated with rainbow patterns and a caterpillar,” she said. We have worked hard to create an inviting and welcoming playground space.”

“There are places on the Trail where we have place learning suggestions and other places where the suggestions are just for fun and bonding, such as ‘Make silly faces at each other.’

The Trail is designed to integrate play, fun, and learning so that kids can be prepared for whatever comes their way. Families, parents, and caregivers are welcome to visit and enjoy the Born Learning Trail at any time that students are not present.”

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