By Christopher Johnson


Action taken by Members of the Pecatonica Village Board forced the hand of Officials with the Pecatonica School District.

On Thursday, Sept. 3, District 321 Trustees met in Special Session to approve a Resolution that would disallow the development of a potential new business venture in the Village of Pecatonica.

The Village of Pecatonica had agreed, by Ordinance, to try to keep some distance between education facilities and the business of marijuana, initially, officials with District 321 had understood.

It was stated, according to the recently-passed School Board Resolution, that the Village had said it would not locate an Adult-Use Cannabis Craft Grower or Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Center within 500 feet of the school’s property line.

Because of the concern of exposure of cannabis to students and a recent Village of Pecatonica Planning and Zoning Committee’s decision to amend specific sections of Village Ordinance 2020-14, which limited the previously approved setback mark, a Special Session of the Board of Education needed to convene.

The measure to oppose the location of a cannabis facility adjacent to Pecatonica High School was presented to Board Officials with the Resolution passing, after involved discussion, by a vote of 7-0.

Because of the action taken by District 321 Trustees, the Village of Pecatonica may have to look at what it can do and what is legally allowed, or how things might have to be modified.

Prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of Illinois, rules were in place that prohibited cannabis use by the general public and if it were discovered close to a school, the cost for possession would be much greater.

Now with recreational use an optional homestead companion, some rules had to change for individuals and their right to light, based on action taken in Springfield.

School Board Officials became concerned and released the Sept. 3 Resolution, which stated, “Whereas the Board of Education of Pecatonica Community Unit School District 321 has learned that the Village seeks to locate a Cultivation Center on property that is adjacent to the property line of Pecatonica High School.”

Because of the need for clarification and a stand that needed to be taken, the Board of Education took its vote on Thursday night and agreed to its decision.

“The Board opposes the contemplated amendment sections of the Village’s Municipal Code to allow a Cultivation Center within 500 feet of a pre-existing public or private nursery school, preschool, primary or secondary school.”

What is, and still could be a concern for the School Board, is now one that could potentially cause the Village Board to take different steps in its purported development plan, or move forward with a solid intergovernmental understanding of how business will be handled.





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