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BHS Teammates Aiden Krup and Jack Larson walking off #3 green at Ingersol golf course.

By Anne Eickstadt

“In golf low scores are better than high scores,” BHS Coach Jeremy Edwards explained to me. “A great score would be 35 to 39 shots in 9 holes. Any scores in the 40s are pretty good. Teams count up the best four scores from their six varsity golfers to get a total team score.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, the BHS Bucs Boys Golf team played Boylan High School. Here is how the scoring turned out:

Aiden Krup, 52; Jack Larson, 46; David Bertolasi, 44; Matt Borah, 52; Jacob Fitch, 56; Aaron Wolman, 64; To-tal team score: 194

Bucs Junior Varsity Garret Mickey was also on the golf course scoring 53.

The Boylan team scored:

Cooper Wyat, 36; Nolan Brauns, 39; Austin Goukes, 44; Mark Larson, 44; Jack Osburne, 42; Michael Carlson, 44; Team Total: 161

On Monday, Sept. 21, the Bucs took on Guilford High School away at Elliot Golf Course. The results of that match were:

Aiden Krup, 45; Jack Larson, 48; David Bertolasi, 43; Matt Borah, 53; Jacob Fitch, 46; Aaron Wolman, 51; To-tal team score: 182

Bucs Junior Varsity scores were: Jordan King, 57; Parker Morris, 59; Garrett Mickey, 54; Michael White, 70

The Guilford High Varsity team scored:

Conner Knuth, 40; Luke Grall, 45; Andrew Carey, 43; Jake Shiels, 47; Ross Dunaway, 45; Jackson Bergsten, 43; Team Total: 171

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, they competed against Belvidere North High School at Timber Pointe Golf Course. The results were:

Belvidere High School:

Aiden Krup, 49; Jack Larson, 48; David Bertolasi, 51; Matt Borah, 53; Jacob Fitch, 52; Aaron Wolman, 56; Team Total: 200

Belvidere North scoring looked like this: Nate Lendman, 38; Alex Sippy, 40; Noah Veruchi, 47; Carson Rowe, 44; Billy Sanchez, 50; Mason Westerberg, 47; Team Total: 169

The BNHS Junior Varsity team scored: Alex Huisheere, 48; Nate Bartz, 46; Kyle Williamson, 56; Eddie Alms, 59; Nate Binkley, 52; Luke McNeilly, 55; JV Team Total: 201

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the Bucs were at home at Timber Pointe Golf Course facing East High School.

Belvidere High School:

Aiden Krup, 43; Jack Larson, 59; David Bertolasi, 49; Matt Borah, 54; Jacob Fitch, 55; Aaron Wolman, 56; Team Total: 201

East High School

Ben Bathje, 44; Ben Compton, 43; Eli Parker, 49; Ben Gibbons, 44; Erin Gibbons, 51; Ben Jensen, 47; Total Team Score: 178

So far this season, the BHS Bucs Boys Golf team has also played:

Monday, Aug. 24 vs. Jefferson High School, away, at Elliot Golf Course in Rockford for a win of 184 – 241.

Wednesday, Aug. 26 vs. Freeport High, here at home, at Timber Pointe Golf Course for a win of 175 – 203.

Auburn High School on the Ingersoll Golf Course on Monday, Sept. 14 for a loss of 182 to 174.

To date, they have also competed against Harlem, Guilford, North Boone, and East. A game against Hononegah was rescheduled and games with Marengo, Freeport, and the Brad Fowler Invitational were cancelled.

Upcoming games will be:

Friday, Oct. 2 vs. NIC-10 Conference, away at Elliot

Saturday, Oct. 3 vs. NIC-10 Conference, away at Elliot

Tuesday, Oct. 6 vs. IHSA Regional, location to be decided.

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