For more information about what is on your ballot, polling locations, or to see the status of your applica-tion, go to or call 815-319-4252.

Within the first two weeks, over 1,600 ballots have been dropped off at the Winnebago County Clerk’s Office since Vote By Mail ballots were first mailed on Sept. 24.

“In an effort to protect the health and safety of our voters, we have provided a convenient ballot drop box outside the County Clerk’s Office, at 404 Elm Street, Rockford,” said Winnebago County Clerk Lori Gummow.

“This box will provide each voter with a safe and trusted method for the contactless delivery of their ballots,” she added. This drop box is for Winnebago County voters, registered outside the city limits of Rockford. “We have been very pleased with the response to the drop box so far,” Gummow added.

Registered voters have until Oct. 29, Noon, to request a Vote By Mail ballot application. “However, voters should use good judgment and not wait until the last minute,” stated Gummow. Registered voters, residing outside the city limits of Rockford should request their ballot as soon as possible by going to

Understandably, many voters are fearful of entering a polling place to cast their ballots and many are choosing to utilize the option to Vote By Mail (a new name for an absentee ballot) this year.

Voters are also concerned that the postal process may be overwhelmed with the volume of ballots received during this presidential election, or concerned about meeting the postmark deadline and they want to be sure their vote is counted.

The white drop box is conveniently located just outside the main doors of the County Administration Building, under good lighting, and is monitored by video surveillance cameras. It will be monitored regularly by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies as well. Ballots are collected several times each day by election officials.

Voters should follow the instructions on their Vote By Mail packet before mailing or depositing the ballot in the drop box. Voters should not drop off their Vote By Mail ballots with election officials at the Early Voting locations nor should they attempt to leave it with Election Judges on Election Day. They must be placed in the County Clerk’s designated drop box or a USPS mail box.

For more information about what is on your ballot, polling locations, or to see the status of your application, go to or call 815-319-4252.




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