By Bob Balgemann


MACHESNEY PARK – Design work for three important road projects has progressed to the point that it’s time to start advertising for bids.

Quotes are being sought for the Scott/Heron Drive work, with a contract scheduled to be awarded April 4. Construction is slated to begin May 2 and be completed by Sept. 15.

Bids will be requested later this month for Kingsley/Drexel streets and Prairie Lane/Dorothea Avenue. Contracts for both projects are due to be awarded April 18 with beginning and ending dates slightly different. Prairie/Dorothea work is to begin May 9 and be finished Sept. 15. For Kingsley/Drexel, those dates are May 16 and Sept. 30, respectively.

Scott/Heron project

Village Engineer Chris Dopkins said the primary purpose of the Scott/Heron improvements is to extend the trunk storm sewer, which was constructed as part of the Roosevelt Road project, into the residential neighborhood Roosevelt and Harlem roads.

The goal is to eliminate the frequent flooding that occurs every time it rains at the intersection of Heron and Mildred.

In addition, he said the trunk storm sewer extension would provide drainage for future street improvements within those neighborhoods.

Scott Lane will be reconstructed to a curb and gutter standard while pavement on Heron will be replaced. Existing curb ramps will be updated to meet Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards. ADA was adopted in 1990.

Prairie/Dorothea project

The scope of the Prairie/Dorothea improvements is rebuilding Prairie between Dorothea and the Illinois 251 service drive, and Dorothea from Prairie to the southern dead end of Dorothea.

This project is similar to Queen Oaks in that part of Dorothea is private, requiring right of way acquisition in order to construct a new public roadway, the engineer explained.

Since storm sewer and/or drainage ways are not available, he said the project is being designed to rely on an infiltration for storm water management.

Neither street is served by public water and sewer. Therefore, an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Rock River Water Reclamation District was approved March 7. The IGA calls for the district to provide a public sanitary sewer along both streets in conjunction with the road improvements.

The district has indicated it will use its capital funds, rather than a special assessment, to pay for the improvement. However, residents ultimately will be responsible for a portion of the cost of the sanitary sewer construction.

In the past, the village and district successfully partnered in joint construction efforts involving Roosevelt Road, Queen Oaks Drive and Ravere Street.

Kingsley/Drexel project

This improvement has three primary goals: (1) reconstruct 3rd and 4th streets between Kingsley and Evans; provide storm sewers to those streets, known to flood during moderate rainfalls; and (3) provide new pavement as the existing overlay is more than 25 years old and showing its age.

The design concept is:

* To remove the old pavement and construct a new storm sewer betwen the existing curb and gutter.

* Make spot repairs as needed to the existing curb, gutter and sidewalk.

* Replace sections of the sidewalk as needed and curb ramps so they are in compliance with PROWAG requirements.

* Correct a few very steep driveway slopes that exist in the project area.

PROWAG is a formal set of guidelines for accessible rights of way. The guidelines come from the U.S. Access Board, a federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities, through the development of accessibility guidelines.

Flooding is known to occur in this area, including the intersection of Heron and Mildred, after a moderate rainfall.
Road work I




The intersection of Heron Drive and Mildred is known to flood after a moderate rainfall.

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