By Doug Schroder


WINNEBAGO – Mike Brown, CEO of the YMCA of the Rock River Valley, was the main speaker at a dinner held by the Y at Toni’s Convention Center in Winnebago on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Newly appointed President Chief Operating Officer Brent Pentenburg kicked off the ceremony introducing what the Y plans to do, followed by Mike Brown speaking.

Mike spoke of what the intention of the Y is in coming to Winnebago.

“We don’t look to be a competitor with anyone. Nor do we want to duplicate any services,” said Brown.

This dinner was held to gain interest in the community and to get volunteers to sign up for the Advisory Board. The Y definitely wants to come to Winnebago, but they must first find out what the needs of Winnebago residents are, and what they want.

Mike addressed the crowd telling what it is the Y does and what they want to accomplish here. He went on to explain that he has set up two other YMCA’s in this country and would like to do the same in Winnebago. Putting a YMCA in Winnebago would serve the western outreaches of Winnebago County, an area the current Y of the Rock River Valley wants to better serve.

“Our course is how we can make the community better,” said Brown,

Some YMCA”s have been set up in months, other ones have taken a decade or so to take fruition. It all depends on the participation of residents and the funds that can be raised.

Another meeting will be held in late January or early February for those who could not make it to this meeting.

YMCA Comes to Bago

Mike Brown addresses the crowd at the YWCA informational dinner in Winnebago on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Doug Schroder photo

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