Candlewick Lake

By Barb Appelhans


It was standing room only at the Candlewick Lake Board Meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 16 as the meeting was scheduled to discuss the water issues occurring within the Candlewick Lake Association.

President Ken Dillenburg opened the meeting by allowing Aqua Water Treatment northern Illinois area manager Joel Gehrett to take the floor. Gehrett was available to residents to answer their questions and listen to their suggestions about the iron colored water coming out of faucets in some homes across Candlewick Lake.

Candlewick Lake 2Gehrett explained that the rust colored water is due to an unexpected emergency where the main well went down forcing Aqua Water Treatment to open their backup well that contains rust. Gehrett also said that due to time constraints, there wasn’t an efficient way to inform residents about the change.

The homes closest to the backup well were the ones most affected by the backup well. The homes in close proximity of the backup well had the most notable rusty and murky colored water, but homes farther away had little to no change in water quality. It did not affect the entire Candlewick Lake subdivision.

Aqua assured everyone that the main well has been tested and that the water quality is “great” and safe. The main waterline is up and running. Aqua also said that they are making improvements to the water mains so this situation will never happen again.


Candlewick Lake 3

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