By Marianne Mueller


Flashbacks of the ’70s through the ’90s era created an aura in Settlers Park on Saturday evening, Aug.13. Nearly 150 participants prepared to take on the challenge of a 3 mile run. “Each of you has dressed in their own interpretation of what they feel fits a retro feel. That is what tonight is all about, being creative and having fun,” said organizer Lindsey Zahniser.

The Stateline Chamber Retro Run had pure fun written all over it. Everyone donned costumes ranging from long flowing ’70s dresses, spandex and bandanas worn in hair. Musical genres covered everything from the song “Eye of the Tiger “to today’s music. Maximum Performance instructor, Donte Cantrell led everyone in a warm up before a friendly competition commenced.

Individual runners and families joined in the fun.

Spectators watched from the sidelines and cheered loudly as each crossed the finish line.

With an amazing time of 20 minutes and 40 seconds Josiah Hunt finished his race as the top overall runner.

Between the race and an awards ceremony food, bananas and water were enjoyed.  Little ones and others who just wanted to feel like a child had a bit of extra fun visiting a kiddie pool.

MaxP custom medals were awarded to first, second and third place winners. Jil Gates got everyone pumped with excitement as she announced winners in age categories ranged from 15 and under up to age brackets of 69 and over.

Adding even more fun special awards went to the best dressed of the night. Candice Hamilton and Tiffany Zuwalt tied both winning really cool and groovy Lava lamps.  Charles Ducharme earned honors as best dressed male.

“All of the proceeds from tonight’s event will go to the Stateline Chamber. Thank you for coming out in support,” said Zahniser.

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