The Norma Winchester Doty family presented a program to the Pecatonica Historical Society on Monday, Oct. 17, featuring their grandmother who received a gift from God with her hands. Barbara Olsen was the main research historian for the family. Jessica is fortunate to have been able to acquire Norma’s Junior Class yearbook. Also, a storage box revealed “The Girl Graduate”. Both of these were filled in with valuable pieces of information about the special lady.

Norma’s son, Bob Doty, stated that her talented hands began to effect others lives with piano lessons beginning in 1924 while still in high school. She was considered a fantastic cook and baker. When her granddaughters were born, Norma self-taught herself to sew. All of the girls had new dresses for the first day of school, and two of them wore a wedding gown crafted by Norma.

Norma Winchester attended Cornell University for one year, but, apparently kept a secret in her heart and married Walter Doty on Sept. 12, 1925.


KAY DEMARCO PHOTOS The Gazette A few of the members of the Doty family who came to the Pecatonica Historical Society presentation to honor Norma were Mary Jo Doty, Barb Olsen, Bob Doty, and Joe Doty.

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