Louie’s Tap House, 5689 Elevator Road in Roscoe is scheduled to open on March 1. Owner Ryan Asta (left), who also owns Rookies Pub and Grill in Rockton, pur-chased the former Club House restaurant and minia-ture golf business about six months ago. Nick Ciaccio (center) is the new restaurant’s chef. Jeff Rudd – JPK Handyman Services (right) is in the process of com-pleting renovations.

By Jean Seegers
About 15 years ago Dick and Kay La Fontaine and their son Greg bought a former pharmacy building at 5689 Elevator Road in Roscoe. They transformed the building into an ice cream shop and an adjoining 18-hole miniature golf course.
A few years later, it was re-named The Club House and included Papa Savarios’ Pizza restaurant. Last year the business was forced to close its doors.
Enter Ryan Asta, owner of Rookies Pub and Grill in Rockton. Each day as he drove past the empty building he had the same thought. “This location has so much potential.” He decided to look into purchasing the property.
About six months ago, Asta followed through with his idea. “The building needed a face-lift and a new

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