The Byron Community Unit School District #226 is excited to announce that the Ogle County Intergovernmental Agency Board (OCIAB) has reached an agreement on the assessment and taxation of Constellation’s Byron Nuclear Power Station.

Twelve governing bodies form OCIAB and receive property tax revenue from the Byron Station: Byron School District, Byron Fire Protection District, Byron Forest Preserve District, Byron Library District, Byron Museum District, Ogle County, Oregon Park District, Oregon School District, Rock Valley College, Kishwaukee College, Rockvale Township, and Rockvale Township Road District.

This historic settlement will span from tax year 2022 through 2027. Throughout the duration of the agreement, the plant will retain an assessed value of $500 million, and Constellation will pay a combined total of $33,666,667 in property taxes each year. The total taxes paid represent a 2.9 percent reduction for all members of OCIAB. The Byron School District will receive $18,442,741 in property tax payments from Byron Station annually.

The settlement agreement also provides for the dismissal of all cases currently pending before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board for tax years 2012 through 2019. With the dismissal of these cases, all parties eliminate their exposure for additional property taxes paid or the payment of any tax refunds. In terms of the Byron School District, this settlement removes a substantial financial risk to the District’s taxpayers and will provide long term financial stability.

“Negotiating a long-term tax agreement for the Byron Nuclear Power Station has been a goal for the Board of Education ever since Mr. Barton was hired as superintendent in 2018. Historically, there have only been two prior tax agreements. I think the negotiating process rendered results beyond a final settlement. I believe that OCIAB and Constellation have formed a positive working relationship, which makes me hopeful that this is the first of many multi-year agreements,” said Byron Board of Education President, Christine Lynde.

Byron Superintendent of Schools, Buster Barton, stated, “I am proud of the work our taxing bodies and Constellation did to get us to where we are today. Over the past few years, our school District and community members poured their hearts and souls into keeping Byron Station open. Removing the risk of a negative PTAB decision allows our District to look forward without fear and to plan for the future as we continue to offer a quality education to all of our students.”

Illinois law requires that, to become effective, the settlement agreement must be approved by a circuit court judge. For that reason, the parties will file an action in the Circuit Court of Ogle County to secure court approval. Once the court’s approval becomes final, the settlement agreement will become effective and the pending Property Tax Appeal Board cases will be dismissed.

The Byron Nuclear Power Station operates under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Construction of Byron Station commenced in 1975. It consists of two Units with a combined generating capacity of 2,347. Unit 1 entered commercial service in 1985 and Unit 2 entered commercial service in 1987. Unit 1 is currently licensed by the NRC to operate until 2044, and Unit 2 is currently licensed to operate until 2046.

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