This Digital Equity grant will enable the Meridian School District to provide many digital upgrades in all schools, including multiple curricular supports and extensions for our Graphics classes.

Digital Equity Grant is through the state Board of Education

Meridian CUSD #223 is committed to fostering innovation and digital literacy and is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of a Digital Equity Grant through the Illinois State Board of Education.

This grant will enable the organization to provide many digital upgrades in all schools, including multiple curricular supports and extensions for our Graphics classes.

Most notably, these upgrades allow the high school to be equipped with state-of-the-art digital media resources and install captivating video boards in the main gymnasium.

Digital media education plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognizing the significance of providing equal access and opportunities to all learners, Meridian CUSD #223 embarked on an endeavor to secure the Digital Equity Grant.

After a rigorous evaluation process, the ISBE awarded the grant to our institution, acknowledging our commitment to bridging the digital divide and enhancing educational experiences for our students.

The grant funding will be utilized to equip the high school with cutting-edge digital media equipment, enabling students to explore various aspects of digital communication and media production.

This includes screen printing equipment, digital printing press, and video production equipment such as cameras, lights and audio recording devices. An industrial paper cutter was also purchased with grant funding.

The acquisition of these resources will empower students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills through hands-on experiences in digital media production.

Furthermore, the grant will facilitate the installation of dynamic and engaging video boards in the main gymnasium.

These video boards will not only enhance the overall sports and event experience for students, staff, and community members but also serve as a valuable educational asset.

With the ability to display real-time scores, instant replays, team introductions, and informative messages, the video boards will foster a sense of school pride, boost community engagement, and provide unique learning opportunities for students interested in sports broadcasting and event production.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Illinois State Board of Education for offering this type of funding to allow this incredible opportunity,” said Dr. PJ Caposey.

“This grant will enable us to create an inclusive and innovative learning environment where students can develop their digital literacy skills and explore their creativity,” Caposey said.

“The digital media equipment and video boards will open up a multitude of opportunities for our students and transform their educational experience,” Caposey added.

Meridian CUSD #223 remains committed to ensuring equitable access to high-quality education and preparing students for success in the digital era.

The deployment of these funds represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive and dynamic learning opportunities for our students.

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