Crandall Stats and Sensors, 9918 N. Alpine Road, a family-owned hometown company in Machesney Park celebrated their business location in the village this past week.

According the Mayor Steve Johnson, the company “originated through the old Barber Colman Company in Loves Park. It was later purchased from the home company and moved to its new location in Machesney Park.

“The Stats and Sensor Value Center was purchased by Mike Crandall a electric engineer from the home company and along with other former employees, they started the new business which continues the heritage of Howard Colman in being problem solvers.”

According to company information, the company strengths “lie in efficient high mix-low volume assembly. Additional support services performed for our production as well as our customers include production of wire sets, temperature sensing bulbs, tru-hole pubs, spot welding. drilling and tapping. These have demonstrated an aptitude at extending the life of end-of-life products and equipment.

“Mr. Colman demonstrated a philosophy to which Crandall Stats and Sensors subscribes, and problems are just opportunities at their inception.

“In the tradition started by Howard Colman, Crandall Stats and Sensors develops people and processes in an effort to solve problems. We find new and exciting ways to cost effectively maximize all production processes, as well as all external vendor and customer transactions, yielding continual savings for the users of our products. We work with our manufacturing partners to assure optimal value-add to our product offerings, further allowing Crandall Stats and Sensors to grow as a high-quality, long-term corporation.”

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