Ogle County Farm Bureau President Keith Poole, far left, presents the pro-agriculture designation to John Finfrock (second from right), County Board Chairman, following the passage of the pro-agriculture resolution. Also pictured are: Lyle Hopkins (second from left), County Board Ag Committee Chair; and Ryan Reeverts (far right), County Board and County Farm Bureau director.

    Ogle County Farm Bureau leaders are excited to call the Ogle County Board an “Ally in Agriculture” after the board’s adoption of a Pro-Agriculture Resolution, demonstrating local elected officials’ support for farmers.

    “Our farming community would like to thank members of the Ogle County Board for showing their support by adopting this resolution,” said Keith Poole, Ogle County Farm Bureau President. “Agriculture is a major economic driver in our county, and this resolution shows our elected officials have our backs when making important decisions affecting our farms and livelihoods.”

    There are over 1,000 farms in Ogle County providing over 5,000 jobs, representing 22% of the county’s labor force. Just under three-quarters of the county’s land mass is dedicated to agriculture production.

    Ogle County Board members adopted the resolution at the Feb. 20 meeting upon recommendation from the Ogle County Board Ag Committee, chaired by Lyle Hopkins.

    “It is important in a predominantly rural county like ours to have the support of our local elected leaders to promote a vibrant and viable agricultural environment. Over 96% of Illinois Farms are family owned, and Ogle County is no exception. This resolution signifies the County’s commitment to support those farm families,” said Ryan Reeverts, County Board and County Farm Bureau member.

    Local elected officials across the state are showing their support of their agricultural communities through the adoption of Pro-Agriculture Resolutions. County board members/commissioners work with their local Farm Bureau to better understand the role agriculture plays in their local economy, such as providing jobs and generating property tax revenue, which is used to fund services for all citizens. The result is a strong working relationship between county officials and the agriculture community.

    “Agriculture is the state’s largest industry, and passage of these Pro-Agriculture Resolutions show that our elected officials understand that agriculture goes far beyond providing food and fuel,” said Illinois Farm Bureau President Brian Duncan of Polo. “When County Boards pass these resolutions, they are showing their commitment to work with farm leaders so they can confidently be champions of agriculture.”

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