By Marianne Mueller

Members of various boards were reappointed at the Village of Rockton Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday evening, June 18.

Brent Murray and Diana Weiser were reappointed to the Planning Commission. Each will serve a five-year term.

Murray is currently the Chair of the commission. Leta Stewart is the Secretary.

Jamin Unger serves as vice chair. Members are: Stephen Chu, Julia Johnson, Angela Ketelsen, and Weiser. The Planning Commission prepares and recommends a comprehensive plan to the village. They monitor when changes or improvements are needed and promote the plan.

Mark Meichtry and Erica Smith will serve a three-year term on the Historic Preservation Commission after reappointment.

Also serving on the HPC are: Christopher Anderson, Tricia Davey, Kelly Kulak, Rachel Lynch, and Tierra Polfliet.

The purpose of the HPC is to implement the village’s historic preservation ordinance, and to identify and to preserve the historic and architectural characteristics of the village’s cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history.

They also promote civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented in Rockton’s four local landmarks and historic district.

Additionally they work to protect and enhance the attractiveness of the village to buyers, visitors, and shoppers by supporting businesses, commerce, industry, while providing economic benefit. The last leg of the commission is to foster and encourage preservation, restoration, of structures, areas of neighborhoods, and prevention of future urban blight.

Current Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Gary Kovanda was reappointed to the ZBA, and will serve a five-year term.

Joining Kovanda is Eric Tison, Vice Chair, Tom Henschel – Secretary, and members Tom Polaski, Ted Thayer, and Stacey West. The Zoning Board hears all appeals pertaining to changes in zoning in the corporate boundaries in the village of Rockton.

Village President John Peterson said of those who were appointed, “We are lucky to have all of these people serving on these committees.”

Trustee Dave Winters gave the Police department activity summary. Winters said that from June 1-15, 87 tickets were issued, 59 warnings were given, there were seven accidents- two with injuries and 25 criminal arrests were made.

Chief Kirk Wilson gave an updated activity report for the Rockton Fire Protection District. He reported that from Jan.1-May 31 the department had 375 calls for service.

From Jan.1-May 31, there was $349,000 in fire loss. Fire incidents include: 31 of structure, vehicle, brush and trash. The department responded to 342 EMS/ambulance calls, 18 -Haz-Mat/ fuel spill and electrical, 80 public service calls, and 80 that were dispatched and canceled while responding to a call plus 24 false alarms – equaling 575 total incidents.

Incident and fire loss comparison from 2023-2024 involved annual calls for service comparison from Jan.1-May 31- In 2023 there were 457 calls, in 2024 they had 575. This is an increase of 3.4%. Annual fire loss comparison from that same time period is in 2023- $315,000 versus 2024’s $349,600, an increase of 10.9 percent.

Under the heading of “Water, sewer and Garbage” Trustee Jodi May requested approval for a purchase requisition allowing J.J. Keller & Associates to provide two User Safety Management suites for OSHA reporting and documentation at a cost of $8,786.50.

She also asked the board for approval of a purchase requisition for Brightly Software, Inc. for a software subscription for the Public Works Department at a cost of $8,082.10. Both were approved by the board.

Village President John Peterson gave a special word of gratitude to the Rockton Fire Department, Rockton Police and Rockton Public Works for their excellent work on this year’s Old Settlers Days festival.

Trustee Arianne Honkamp said that the Walt Williamson Pool has been very busy with the warmer weather. She also said that the River Market cleanup will start in June.

Trustees approved a Special Use Permit for Sallie’s Slots allowing them to create an outdoor seating area in a 6-0 vote.

A public hearing was held regarding the budget required for the operation of the Village of Rockton for the fiscal year beginning June 1, 2024 until May 31, 2025 near the beginning of the meeting. No comments were made. Later in the meeting the budget was approved in a 6-0 vote.

Another area that the village voted to move forward on was to amend certain sections regarding nuisances. Attorney Aaron Szeto said, “This adds an additional act such as throwing or casting any stone at another property. This can be a golf course situation to anything that can protect from the detriment of that property.”

“We will be allowed 10 days after the vote is approved to mediate in a situation if we are needed.”

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